Elan Granola

Granola Shots are a staple at our house and have a permanent place in "The Bowl" on the kitchen counter. Packed with coconut granola, alongside high protein low carb nuts such as Macadamia Nuts, Brazil Nuts, and Cashews it is absolutely delicious. Completely real food, made with natural ingredients.  My boys grab it every morning on the way out to school and it's a perfect snack in the afternoon or on the go.  We love the box of Granola Shots....12 individual packets but you can also buy it in bulk .  There are 14 grams of fat per serving, 7 carbs, 3 fiber, 2 sugars and 5 grams of protein.  Get ya some.  You will love it too!

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

I've really been trying to Up my Keto Habits by incorporating Bone Broth into my lifestyle and Kettle & Fire have the heartiest, best tasting Bone Broth I've ever tasted.  Bone broth is a superfood due to its high levels of key proteins like collagen, amino acids (glycine, glucosamine, arginine), and minerals like calcium and magnesium. This makes it incredible for improving skin health and digestion, and helping with those achy joints.  We make soups out of it, add it to recipes and drink it warmed up, all by itself, just like you would coffee or hot tea.  Their flavors include Chicken, Beef and my favorite, Mushroom Chicken.  You can use Discount Code KETOHABITS15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order.  Enjoy!

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

We call this "Go-Go Coffee'...at my house. Gets your motor runnin, turns your bod into a fat burnin' machine and has totally raised the bar when it comes to making coffee. One scoop of MCT Oil Powder stirs in so easily and tastes so creamy and good.....totally replaces heavy whip or creamer. It's an awesome start to my day and makes my body super happy!   You can also make ice coffee with it or stir into any beverage.  Helps provide a constant source of energy, instead of peaks and valleys of glucose.  I use it every morning and usually in the afternoon, as well. It goes everywhere I go...especially on vacation.  All of the Perfect Keto products are amazing and I recommend them all!

‚ÄčFit Crunch Bars

When it comes to Keto snacking I am militant but every once in awhile ya gotta have a real treat and this is it.  The Chocolate Peanut Butter Fit Crunch Bars are AMAZING and we are so addicted to their greatness!  They come in at 14 total carbs which I will gladly take and work into my macros. They have a true candy bar texture with crunchy and gooey peanut butter and chocolate and a baked cookie center.  Literally the best bar on the market, in my opinion.  It's not something I eat everyday but they are the 'go to' if I feel a 'sugary cheat' coming on.  

Pili Nuts

Move over macadamias, here comes Pili Nuts from Hunter Gatherer Natural Foods. I discovered these buttery tasting treats, just recently and now my entire family is obsessed  with them.  Not only do they taste amazing, they have the highest magnesium and fat count of any nut AND the lowest carb count.....only 1 per serving. Total greatness and lots of delicious flavors to choose from. They're the perfect 'on the go snack' or Keto treat...you will definitely want to check them out.  Our family favorite is the Tumeric and Black Pepper or Coconut Oil and Himalayan Salt but you can't go wrong with any flavor!  Maybe start with the variety pack.....yeah, you'll love that! Use Discount Code KETOHABITS at checkout for a 10% discount on your entire order!

My Favorite Products...

Coconut Oil Creations

I love my coffee in the morning and throughout the day and adding flavors makes it so very tasty!  Coconut Oil Creations flavors are made with organic, unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil and an abundance of organic spices! They're perfect in beverages, recipes or just by the spoonful.  Flavors include Mocha, Chai, Golden Spice and my favorite Pumpkin Spice.  Once you try Coconut Oil Creations and feel the energy from the medium chain fatty acids and anti-inflammatory benefits of the fabulous spices, you will be hooked! Use discount Code YUM10 to receive a 10% discount when you purchase two or more creations.  You're gonna love them all!